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Eating Real Food In Houston!


Today I would like to take a few minutes to tell you all how I feed my family real food, in Houston, Texas, without a weekly trip to a farm, or growing my own food. I know that all of my readers aren’t in Houston, but most are from Texas. It IS possible to eat the best-for-you foods, without growing your own or driving to the farm every week! The brands listed here are available at many stores, but we will be focusing on my favorite store for Real Food options today, H-E-B.
I try to feed my kids the healthiest food possible, but sometimes a trip to the farm isn’t in the cards (either because of our budget or a lack of time for the drive). We normally shop at H-E-B, my favorite is the Bunker Hill location because of their expanded organic/natural selection and the bulk spice bins.
There are several farms in the areas surrounding Houston, that offer, grass fed beef, dairy, eggs and so much more!

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I will keep adding to this list, keep in mind that the foods I am focusing on are foods that most newbies to Real Food might think they can’t buy at a local grocery store.


ButterKerrygold butter is available in grocery stores across the US. Their cows graze for 10 months of the year, it’s one of the few grass fed butters available at the store, and is the cheapest in my region.

No one explains it better than the Food Renegade here in her Butter Vs. Margarine Showdown.

Mercola has a great article here about the benefit of eating pastured butter.


BeefPanorama Meats offers grass fed beef, and it is available in the grocery store! This is especially great news for folks on public assistance, because they can use their food benefits to buy pastured beef! None of the farmer’s markets in Houston accept the Lone Star card so, shopping at the local farmers markets isn’t an option for families receiving public assistance.  Studies show that cattle raised humanely on grass produce beef that is more nutritious. Cattle are ruminants — they are designed to eat grass, not grain. Panorama’s farmer raise cattle following the animal’s natural appetites and desire for free pasture. Compared with grain-fed beef, Panorama contains 60 percent more omega-3, twice as much vitamin A and E, three times more conjugated linoleic acid, and a higher concentration of unsaturated fats (the good ones) versus saturated fats (the bad ones).

Read More Here:

Northwestern Health Sciences University – Grain Fed Versus Grass Fed Animal Products


Nutrition Journal- Health Benefits — A Literature Review of the Value-Added Nutrients found in Grass-fed Beef Products


backyard birds
Chicken -Vital Farms brand Backyard Birds has now begun to offer chickens for eating aside from their eggs!  These chickens are only carried at Whole Foods locations, the great news is that the chicken is offered at all 4 of the Houston locations! From the website: “Like our laying hens, our meat birds are pasture-raised, meaning they roam free on grasslands during daylight hours. Their pasture space is generous, and includes shade, water, and perches to encourage exploration and foraging. In addition to grasses and other pasture goodies, they are also fed grain of the highest quality. We never use added hormones or antibiotics in their feed, or pesticides or herbicides on their pastures.”


alfresco eggs
Eggs – Alfresco Farms eggs are the ONLY pastured eggs available in the HEB Location that I shop at. Alfresco Farms is a Vital Farms brand, they provide eggs nationwide. The HEB on Bunker Hill normally carries these eggs, although it seems there is a supply issue at this moment, and they have been completely out for about a month! I live in the Bear Creek area and do most of my shopping at the HEB location on Hwy. 6. I pestered them enough to start carrying my eggs, and I received a call from the Egg manager last week informing me that my eggs will be available at this location now as well!


For those of you looking for a farm to call home, watch for a new page coming soon filled with local organic and green farms and businesses!

How I Finally Quit Smoking – Sort Of

I’m almost 30 (in February, OMG!) and I have been a pack-a-day smoker for over 10 years. I did manage to quit smoking for each of my 3 pregnancies, but I always ended up smoking again within about 5 months of delivering my babies. It’s not something I’m proud of, and of course I have tried to quit many, many times.  I was always the “mom who smoked” at play groups and homeschool meetups. I smoked even though I was breastfeeding. I hated that I was “that mom”, but I was.

Looking back through photos of family get togethers, I’m usually holding a cigarette. Below are shots of me, just hanging out with the kids outside. Ugh!

See my cigarette in the shadow?

See my cigarette in the shadow?





I have managed to quit smoking a few times, like I said, but I never stayed quit. Until now. It has been only a few months, but I feel much better about quitting this time, and it’s the longest I have stayed quit without being pregnant.

How It All Started:

When my husband went to the local discount tobacco store to get our usual cartons of American Spirits, they were out of our flavor. The clerk recommended a vaporizing E-cigarette, and I agreed when he called to see what I thought. I had seen the cigarette shaped e-cigarettes in gas stations and pharmacies, but was never interested in trying them. I recently met a fellow Houston blogger who used a vaporizer and thought it was too big and assumed I would hate that style as well. I was wrong!

When my husband arrived home, this is what he brought. It included a rechargeable battery, a cartomizer that holds the liquid, and the tip. Three pieces. You squeeze the juice into the chamber and you are ready to roll! He bought a regular Mint flavored E-Juice for himself, and a Rasberry Apple flavor for me.



I’m still pretty new to the scene, but my fellow Houston blogger Ariana from 3twenty6 and I hope to shed some light on this awesome way to get your nicotine and slow down or stop smoking! There are many local shops and even more online stores that offer high quality E-Juices made from American ingredients that are all natural and even organic!

Click here to visit my favorite vaping supply store!