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We bought a gun!

I never thought I would own a gun. I was pretty scared of them, and was afraid one of my kids would shoot someone, or themselves. My husband wanted a gun for a long time, but I wouldn’t have it. Last year sometime, my husbands cousin came over to visit. He has a concealed handgun permit, and carries his gun everywhere. I held the unloaded gun. It was heavy and I was still pretty uncomfortable. He allows his children to hold his gun, and has shown them how to use it. They are 8 and 12, that made me even more uncomfortable. I still didn’t want a gun. Once I tried to cock the gun, I had a hard time. I realized that my kids could never pull the hammer back without assistance. Holding the gun really affected the way I viewed guns. I do understand that accidents can happen, we take necessary precautions.

The reason I even started thinking about getting a gun, is that I am afraid. It’s hard to admit, and I often feel silly for it. I have a hard time sleeping at night. My husband works 12 hour shifts at night, and I am left here alone with the kids at night. We do have three pretty scary looking dogs, and I’m pretty sure they would at least try to bite someones face off if they tried to hurt us. It’s just really hard to imagine them in that light when I see them do this:

Now, I own a gun!Now, I Own A Gun!Now, I own a gun!



We actually have three English Bull Terriers, and people are scared of them, which I hate, usually. I just don’t see them as weapons or a defense line. How could I? They are always so sweet, and I would hate for something bad to happen to them if they were trying to protect us. I want to protect them too.


On Sunday, we took our gun, a Taurus 9mm Slim, to the shooting range. It took me about 20 minutes to take my turn. I still felt pretty uneasy about the whole thing, and I was afraid the gun would kick back and give me black eye or something. Finally I did it. I wish I wold have had Alex take some pictures, it was not the first thing on my mind though. I feel very confident holding, shooting, loading and unloading my gun now. I feel safe now. My mother and mother-in-law are not convinced. When I brought the gun home on Saturday afternoon, I took the unloaded gun from the case to show my mom, she was sitting outside. The biggest clap of thunder ever, happened at right that moment. She screamed. It was kind of funny, it didn’t help my cause any, though. They will come around, maybe I can talk them into coming to the shooting range.


Do you own a gun? Is it your husband’s gun? Do you know how to use it? Do you enjoy shooting?


Brenda Farris

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