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The 30th Annual Wings Over Houston Show Giveaway!

It’s that time of year again, folks.  Wings Over Houston Airshow is finally almost here!  My entire family absolutely adores this high-flying, fast paced, and daring show of modern aerobatic showmanship.

It is so thrilling to watch headliners, the Blue Angels, race through the sky in formation, breaking off into solo maneuvers and returning to their precise place in time to really wow the crowd.  I have four boys at home, and nothing gets them more excited that just mentioning the words Wings Over Houston!  This year’s show includes Fat Albert, a U.S. Marine Corps C-130 Hercules airlifter which is surprisingly agile for such an enormous machine!

Watch this promo!

photos courtesy of Wing Over Houston

photos courtesy of Wing Over Houston

But what I am personally really excited about is the Tora! Tora! Tora! World War II demonstration .  Call me a nerd, but I am obsessed with World War II and can’t wait to see the warbirds dramatically reenacting the attack on Pearl Harbor.  How cool is that? Very cool.  Other notable performances including the infamous Mig-17F, F-86 Sabre, the Texas Flying Legends Museum collection and the MH-65D Coast Guard Helicopter, will be lining the runways to thrill the crowds.Visit the WOH website here to learn more about this year’s show and buy your tickets and be sure to like and follow.  They have world famous aerobatics competitors like Debbie Rihn-Harvey, sky-divers, the thrilling Shockwave Jet Truck, the breathtaking Vietnam demonstration and so much more.  And let’s not forget PLENTY of pyrotechnics.  Who doesn’t love fire and explosions?

Do I sound excited? It’s because I am.  And guess what, you guys, there’s an unbelievable giveaway- just enter below for your chance to win!

Grand Prize*: 2 VIP tickets to Eagle Squadron Sunday and a Ride in a vintage aircraft!

Friends and Family Fun Prize Pack* – 2 Adult General Admission, one Family 4 pack and one Ride in aircraft. This gets the whole family here!

Friendly Fun Prize Pack*:  4 adult general admission tickets and one aircraft ride

VIP Prize*: 2 VIP tickets to Eagle Squadron Sunday

Family Fun Prize Pack*: Family Pack of tickets 2 adults and 4 children

*Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions*
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Approximate value or airplane rides $300-$500. Plane rides subject to age, height and weight restrictions. Must be 18+ to enter. Airplane rides will be scheduled after the airshow.

*Valid EMAIL necessary as tickets are delivered via email. 

*24 hours to respond. If no response sponsor reserves the right to re-assign the prize. 

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Cheap and Easy Fall Pillow Covers


I don’t know about you, but I love to change the decor in my house depending on the season. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s really pretty simple. One of the easiest ways to change the look of a room is by changing the throw pillows on the couch. Making seasonal throw pillow covers can be really easy and really cheap!

One of the cheapest ways to find fantastic fabric to make some pillow covers is by looking for napkins and tablecloths at discount stores. For my pillow covers, I found some cheap, large tablecloths at HomeGoods.


Once I got my finds home, I gathered the supplies I’d need to make the covers. I used my cutting mat, quilter’s ruler, a rotary cutter, thread, scissors and pins. And of course, my sewing machine.


The first step is to cut your fabric. Remember, you want to cut your fabric to leave room for seam allowance. My pillow form for this project is 18X18, so to make a cover for this form I cut my fabric as follows:

(1) 20X20 panel

(2) 20X12 panels


The next step is to sew a one inch seam on one of the long sides of each of the 20X12 panels.



Next, lay your 20X20 panel right side up. Then take one of your 20X12 panels and line up the un-sewn long side with the top of the 20X20 panel, right side facing down.


Now take the other 20X12 panel and line up the un-sewn long side with the bottom of the 20X20 panel, right side facing down. The sewn sides of the 20X12 panels should overlap by about two inches.



Pin the raw sides of the panels together. Now sew around the entire perimeter of the pinned panels one inch from the raw edges. After your pillow form is sewn, cut the corners as shown:


Finally, turn your finished cover right side out, poke out the corners with your finger, and stuff in your form! Voila! You just made a cheap and easy pillow cover!


Now just repeat all the steps for as many pillows as you have and go crazy making pillow covers!